Floating Staircases

Stylish Hand-Crafted Floating “Cantilever” Staircases for Your Home

Made to Measure in our Workshop to Your Exact Specifications

Floating Staircases

At JRF (John Robb Fabrications) we’ve 30 years of expertise creating bespoke, made-to-measure, modern and stylish floating staircases that will give your home a real “wow factor” that your friends will want to copy.

Available in a range of materials from woods to metals, and even glass or concrete, we will design and build your apparently gravity defying staricase that will lift your interior design to new heights with a unique, breath-taking feature.

Although these steps appear to float in mid-air they are in fact structurally and completely safe, being cleverly anchored to a solid steel framework that is hidden in the wall itself, so that no supports are needed between the steps.

Depending on your own preference and unique design choices, you can opt (for example) for a handrail or maybe a glass balustrade at the other side, the choice is completely yours and this design of staircase gives you a multitude of possibilities – in some ways the only limit is your own imagination and creativity!

While this style of floating staircase is incredibly popular in new build properties, it is possible to retrofit them into an existing home – please feel free to contact us if you’re not sure whether your property is suitable and we’ll be happy to help and advise you.

With regards to costs – being a specialised workshop in the North of England, we can probably produce your stairs at a substantial discount to alternative suppliers so please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote, or just for free help and advice.

We are just a phone call away to help with your needs on 01535 523096

or you can email us on jrf.fabs@gmail.com

How We’ll Help You Get Your Dream Staircase

There are some details that we’re going to need to know to design and build your staircase, but don’t worry, at JRF we’re here to help, guide, and advise you every step of the way.

The easiest way for us to begin helping you is if you call or email us, but to give you an idea of the information that we’ll need:

  1. Site Inspection – One of our team will visit to take measurements and do a site survey, to make sure your steps will fit perfectly and to take any obstacles, etc into account.
  2. Drawings – These details are passed to a member of the drawing team who will produce the drawings and sketches of the staircase.
  3. Your Approval – The drawings are passed onto you for approval, and once you are happy we convert the drawings into a fabrication plan, where we create detailed technical drawings for each component.
  4. Manufacturing Process – We now produce each component and do all of the welding and fabrication work to turn your staircase into reality.
  5. Test Build – Once we have all of the pieces ready we do a test build of your stairs to make sure that everything fits perfectly and that the overall staircase exactly meets the measurements we took.
  6. Installation – Our team bring your staircase to you and install it for you, making sure that it is safely assembled and fitted to the highest stadard possible.

It really is as easy as that!

We’re always here to help, guide and advise you, so please feel free to call us at any point for updates on your staircase.

Discover How We Make Your Perfect Stairs

At JRF we have 30 years of producing stunning, “wow factor” staircases that will transform your home…

But we don’t just focus on how good your stairs will look, we are dedicated engineers who are determined that the maths and science of your stairs – the “added value” that you’ll never see or even realise takes place – is absolutely 100% perfect too.

I don’t want to bore you with lots of engineering terms, or mathematical explanations, but in a nutshell the first thing we need to do is look at the materials you want your stairs constructed from.

Then we calculate the weights, and calculate the structural integrity of the wall your stairs will be attached to.

From that we work out the best engineering solution to construct your staircase.

For some designs we might need to construct a solid steel framework to support your stairs.

For others specially designed wall plugs and steel supports might suffice, it all depends on your unique design.

We then calculate the optimum design for your stairs, and of course consider in this the requirements for delivering and fitting your staircase into your property.

Rest assured however that at JRF we are craftsmen who always provide the exact engineering solution that you need, and we stand 100% behind our work.

At JRF your staircase has to meet your project designs perfectly and has to be right first time, every time.

For us, nothing else is good enough.